DO-IN (Auto Shiatsu): VIDEO SERIES 1

DO-IN for Autumn Immunity


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The first video will go up at 11am on Tuesday next week (April 14). Then every Saturday & Tuesday at 11am there will be another one.

This first video series will teach you – step by step – how to do a Do-In: the Shiatsu you do for yourself when there is nobody available to give you a Shiatsu. The video material will all be very simple, very straightforward & very accessible. I’m aiming to keep each video within a 5 – 10 minute timeframe.

For those who want more: back-up material will be available right here in the News section of my website with direct links from my Facebook / Instagram pages.


Those of you who are interested but don’t want to engage with Instagram/Facebook please let me know and I will do my best to work out an alternative system

THE Autumn Immunity DO-IN SERIES

A Do-In is an “auto- or self-shiatsu”. It involves quite a bit of tapping with fingertips, pounding with loose fists along with rubbing and squeezing along meridian lines. It can be quick, loose and dynamic or a longer, more detailed stimulation of multiple meridians and points. Either way, it delivers a terrific energetic and physical wake up for your system.

The Do-In that I will be teaching you is designed to maximize immunity and Autumn energy. So it is focused specifically on stimulating and strengthening:

  • the Triple Heater the single most important meridian for your immune system,along with
  • the Lung & Large Intestine meridians. These two are the essential partners of the Triple Heater in supporting immune function. Also, as luck would have it, they are the Autumn meridians.

Starting with a simple, quick whole-of-body sequence, the video series will in seven steps deliver detail, depth and awareness to your personal Do-In.

Where awareness goes, energy flows


  1. Tuesday April 14
    A basic, all-over Do-In: opening up the breathing, stimulating the skin and covering the whole body but with special focus on the Triple Heater meridian.
  2. Saturday April 18
    Still an all-over event, but we’ll layer the Lung and Large Intestine meridians over the basics of Video 1.
    Ready to look at different body sections in detail.
  3. Tuesday April 21
    Head / face / neck detail
  4. Saturday April 25
    Upper torso detail – integrating back and front & powering you upper heater
  5. Tuesday April 28
    Lower torso detail – sacrum / belly / buttocks: the middle and lower heaters
  6. Saturday May 2
    Shoulders / arms / hands detail
  7. Tuesday May 5
    Legs / feet detail (the sitting section) +


I’m planning a second video series on basic meridian energy balancing using the Makko Ho exercises. This will be followed up with material on: Accessible & Useful Acupressure Points then A Zen Meridian Stretch & Release Sequence and no doubt some random things that I will throw in as we go.

So, if you haven’t done it already, follow me on INSTAGRAM:


I’m looking forward to a whole new way of connecting with you and to getting your feedback and ideas on what sort of material would be useful for you.

Please, get in touch and stay in touch.

I look forward – even more – to seeing you on the far side of the flattened curve … on the (very flat) mat.


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