Torso Time: Connecting & stimulating Upper & Middle Heaters for even better Autumn Immunity

TORSO TIME – Connecting UPPER & MIDDLE HEATERS The upper and middle torso, not surprisingly, are where the Upper & Middle Heaters (or Warmers) overlap and connect. It is also an area of the body where we find a concentration of both meridian specific diagnostic / reflective zones as well as organ specific acu-points. UPPER […]

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ARMS & HANDS – Introducing ACU-POINTS in Video 4: DO-IN Detailing
Arms & Hands: Channels & Acu-points

ARMS & HANDS – Introducing ACU-POINTS The arms and hands, similar to the head/neck area, are a good place to get bang for your buck with tapping, rubbing &/or squeezing down the energy channels. As you can see from the attached diagram and Colour Key Chart, all 12 ordinary meridians are represented and their channels […]

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Triple Heater: the foundation sequence for your Do-In

TRIPLE HEATER: FOUNDATION SEQUENCE Video 1 of the Do-In Series: back-up material The Triple Heater meridian is the focus of the 1st video of the series. You can find the video on my Instagram page (posting Tuesday April 14 @ 11 am): barbara_richardson_zenshiatsu This basic, quick Do-In is designed to open up the breathing and […]

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DO-IN (Auto Shiatsu): VIDEO SERIES 1
DO-IN for Autumn Immunity

HOW TO ACCESS YOUR DO-IN DO-IN found and learnt EASILY – just follow me on INSTAGRAM to get your Zen Shiatsu online. barbara_richardson_zenshiatsu WHEN TO ACCESS YOUR DO-IN The first video will go up at 11am on Tuesday next week (April 14). Then every Saturday & Tuesday at 11am there will be another one. This […]

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HIBERNATION of CLINICAL PRACTICE (a.k.a. temporary closure)
hibernation: clinical practice put to sleep

HIBERNATION: The new “it-word” for government and business Autumn is here, CV 19 is here and hibernation is the new word for what happens when you close your business without actually closing your business. As of one week ago the Loft & Earth Center and my clinic are officially closed for the duration of the […]

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