Elimination & Movement: the Lower Heater


Elimination (or “drainage”) of undesirable &/or toxic elements is the significant function of the Lower Heater. This is particularly true with respect to The Triple Heater’s role in managing our immune system. Movement provides essential support without which elimination – and thence immunity – is seriously impaired. Movement energizes and heats up the system. It also:

  • Gets the bowels moving effectively,
  • Encourages sweating,
  • Promotes better blood circulation – all the better to fight disease,
  • Promotes lymphatic circulation and drainage – all the better to rid us of toxins.


As the name implies, the lower heater comes to prominence in the very lower abdominal area and down through the lower body. Between the navel and pubic bone and either side of the sacral spine we find the front-MU and Back-SHU points (diagrams here) for the Lower Heater meridians & their organs.

The Large Intestine (& its corresponding organ) represents the transition from digestion to elimination. The bladder is an elimination dedicated organ. Although the small intestine is principally an organ of digestion the Small Intestine meridian which governs our sense of empowerment – including physical empowerment – along with our big muscles is heavily involved in movement.


The Lower Heater zone makes up a third to a half of the body. Furthermore, it is the lower half and thence further from the head. Being modern humans, we tend to live very much in our heads.

As a rule of thumb, the greater the distance between our centre of thinking / being and the location of something, the less we think about it.

It’s worth considering this when doing your DO-IN and to be wary of cutting corners as you get further down the body. If anything, this is an opportunity to compensate for the usual minimal attention by giving this large part of your system a bit of extra TLC.


The legs and feet are very similar to the arm and hands. All twelve ordinary meridians are represented (see banner diagram & Colour Key Chart). Their channels are relatively close to the surface and (with the exception of Liver & Kidney) run straight down the leg(s) to the ankle(s). There is a little bit of criss-crossing at this level. (See Foot Diagram.)

As with the arms, it is fairly easy to find the individual channels on the legs but only necessary to do so when targeting your DO-IN at a specific objective. Otherwise, general coverage of the legs is fine.

It is up to you to make your routine as thorough and detailed as you wish and when you wish.

Just remember that:

For AUTUMN IMMUNITY this DO-IN has focused on three specific channels: Triple Heater (TH) foundation with LUNG (LU) & LARGE INTESTINE (LI) reinforcing.
Although your whole energetic system is involved, these three meridians are the keys in supporting immunity.

JOINTS: take the weight off  

These lower limbs comprise three significant joints: hips, knees & ankles. Unlike those in the upper limbs however, these joints are stress and weight bearing. Even when you are sitting down your hips are carrying your weight – and probably tensing up as well. Considering that joints also function as gates along the body’s energy channels, I’m sure you’ll agree that ongoing tension and compression in these areas is not good for you.

I strongly recommend that you take advantage of your DO-IN time to take the burden off those joints – get down on the floor – & really try to loosen them out.

Be gentle and cajoling in your attitude towards them – particularly if they seem even a little bit non-responsive.

ANKLES AND FEET: they are a long way down & work really hard

The ANKLES merit extra attention again:
Firstly, because they are relatively small joints that carry much responsibility for both weight and movement.
Secondly, because this is where we find the remaining six Source Points.

Zen Shiatsu Meridians on the FEET

The FEET merit even more attention because they:

  • Carry the same burden as the ankles
  • House Transporting / Elemental Points for six meridians
  • Are as structurally complex and energetically dynamic as the hands, but
  • Are EVEN FURTHER FROM THE HEAD than the hands, ankles or any other part of the body.

Energy flows where awareness goes

So please give your feet extra special time and attention because (generally speaking) they don’t get a lot of it.

Transporting, Elemental and Source Points

To remind you about the nature & function these points, here are some introductory ideas and some more detailed TCM information.


The 7th and final video in this series will deliver the full Autumn Immunity DO-IN

Available on Tuesday May 5 @ 11 am on Instagram


NEXT STEPS: Passive re-charging and then … the MAKKO HO

The next video posting will introduce passive release and re-charge: release of the psoas muscles and Kidney energy re-charge. This free-standing video will act as a counterpoint to the very dynamic energy release /re-charge of DO-IN (delivered in 7 parts).

Passive Release & Re-charge:
On Instagram, Tuesday May 12 @ 11 am

Following this, we will start our next series of 4 videos exploring the Makko Ho: basic energy balancing with Zen Meridian Exercises.

MAKKO HO series:
On Instagram starting Tuesday May 19, 11 am.

I look forward to seeing you all there,

NOTE: As I move towards re-opening my practice, I am doing a bit of passive re-charging by shifting to weekly video posting.

Arm and Hand meridian channels made easy with this colour coded key chart
Arm & Hand meridian channels made easy with this Colour Coded Key Chart

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