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The Triple Heater and Immunity

Immunity is a key word for the historical moment that we find ourselves in. Nobody’s immunity is bullet proof but there are lots of things that can be done to maximize on the system that you have.

Helping people to help themselves and take charge of their own health is a fundamental principle of Shiatsu. Let’s extend the Triple Heater Summer theme to support you through this with some reminders and links to posts with specific things you can do.

The Triple Heater meridian manages the relationship between our system and the external environment: i.e. by various means, it manages our immune system.

The SKIN and Immunity

  • THE SKIN, is our most complete wall of defence, so start by toning it up by stimulating its “closing off” & “opening out” functions.
  • Then make sure that you exercise strongly enough to generate heat – opening the skin in order to effectively eliminate toxins.
    Any exercise will do, but here is a sequence targeting ELIMINATION that you can do at home.
  • With all the washing and sanitizing going on it is also a good idea to keep your skin well moisturized.

Powerful elimination creates space,
a vacuum to be filled by fresh energy flowing into and around your system.


ELIMINATION is also managed by the lungs (Upper Heater) and large intestines Middle/Lower Heater). Getting rid of the old, toxic stuff creates space for the new, energizing stuff.

  • Improving your breathing and BUILD LUNG CAPACITY
  • Provide some delicious, sweet support for your lungs with KUZU PEARS – it’s super delicious and very helpful for warding off invasive nasties
  • Move more with this yoga sequence to activate all three heaters, the skin & particularly the large intestine – all the elimination channels – for MAXIMUM VITALITY

Harnessing Nutrition & DIGESTION (the Middle Heater) to Build Energy

  • Eat well and regularly with plenty of fresh fruit & veg
  • Nothing beats good old ADZUKI & PUMPKIN CASSEROLE for building energy and blood – particularly the white blood cells (lymphocytes) that are so important in our system’s immune response.

In case you need more convincing, read this:
8 Interesting Benefits of Adzuki Beans

  • Effective uptake of nutrients is just as important for building immunity as eating well in the first place. So prime your gut with PRO-BIOTICS like quality yoghurt, miso soup, umeboshi plums or, even better, VITAMIN C RICH SAUERKRAUT.
    Believe me, there is plenty of this stuff still in the shops.
  • Minimize consumption of products that undermine immune function: alcohol, sugar (& dead white starch generally), caffeine for example

EXERCISING to support digestive strength

Exercising, particularly out in the fresh air, is great for building immunity – no matter what exercise you do. It gets your blood & lymph moving and encourages detoxification via the skin and exhalation.

These particular exercises, however, are aimed specifically at strengthening your immunity by supporting Earth element governed digestion.

Bullet-proof IMMUNITY

Apologies, but there is no such thing.

No matter what you do it is still possible to become unwell. These things are relative however – the strength of the invasive pathogen with respect to the strength & resilience of your immune system. So, invest a little time and energy to build it up.

Better still, enjoy building it up. Keep your outlook positive and your sense of humour rocking – even more so should you find yourself in splendid isolation or unwell.

Whatever happens, my thoughts are with you and I look forward to seeing you all again – hopefully soon but, at the latest, on the far side of the flattened curve.

Good health and best wishes in this time of pestilence, Barbara.

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