SPRING: Breathe into the Green Season & Expand your World
Spring energy expanding

The energy of Spring is indiscriminately and irrepressibly expansive. As a rule, it is also fairly fast moving: outward, upward, sideward, wherever-ward. Think about a sprouting mung bean. In 48 hours of warm spring weather it will go from a rock hard little bean to a soft, out-curling yummy edible: full of vitamins and life-loaded […]

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Show some love to your Triple Yin point – SPLEEN 6

What is Spleen 6 and why this acupressure point at this time? Spleen 6 is known as “Three Yin Intersection” (Sanyinjiao in Chinese) because it is located precisely at the crossover point of the Spleen, Kidney and Liver meridians – all of which are Yin. These energy channels are important in a significant number of […]

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