Safety First with Covid-19 Plan

Letting you truly relax and re-charge in safety As an officially registered COVID-SAFE business I am required to have an approved Covid-19 Safety plan. Fortunately, the Loft & Earth Centre – within which I work – is also an officially registered COVID-SAFE business. In accordance with NSW Health guidelines our separate and combined safety plans […]

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Opening up my appointment book. Shiatsu clinic open for business Monday June 15.

OPENING UP: MY CLINIC IS THERE FOR YOU Opening my Zen Shiatsu clinic for business from Monday June 15. This means that you can now book yourself in for a Shiatsu with me. You can even book a friend in for a Shiatsu with me.My appointment schedule has stayed the same, despite the whole world […]

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Makko-Ho: Zen meridian exercises to release, tonify & balance your energy flow

MAKKO-HO in Video Series 2 Makko-Ho, the full sequence covering the 12 “ordinary” meridians, is the subject of my second Video Series starting Tuesday May 19. Catch the full series: On INSTAGRAM, every Tuesday @ 11 amthrough MAY and into JUNE 2020barbara_richardson_zenshiatsu Each video looks at one or two exercises in the cycle. At the […]

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ELIMINATION & MOVEMENT – The Lower Heater &Video 6
Elimination & Movement: the Lower Heater

ELIMINATION, MOVEMENT & IMMUNITY – The Lower Heater Elimination (or “drainage”) of undesirable &/or toxic elements is the significant function of the Lower Heater. This is particularly true with respect to The Triple Heater’s role in managing our immune system. Movement provides essential support without which elimination – and thence immunity – is seriously impaired. […]

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Triple Heater: the foundation sequence for your Do-In

TRIPLE HEATER: FOUNDATION SEQUENCE Video 1 of the Do-In Series: back-up material The Triple Heater meridian is the focus of the 1st video of the series. You can find the video on my Instagram page (posting Tuesday April 14 @ 11 am): barbara_richardson_zenshiatsu This basic, quick Do-In is designed to open up the breathing and […]

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DO-IN (Auto Shiatsu): VIDEO SERIES 1
DO-IN for Autumn Immunity

HOW TO ACCESS YOUR DO-IN DO-IN found and learnt EASILY – just follow me on INSTAGRAM to get your Zen Shiatsu online. barbara_richardson_zenshiatsu WHEN TO ACCESS YOUR DO-IN The first video will go up at 11am on Tuesday next week (April 14). Then every Saturday & Tuesday at 11am there will be another one. This […]

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