De-stress & Boost Immunity, Energy & Serenity

De -stress with SHIATSU now that you can.You all know how profoundly relaxing and energising SHIATSU is and how powerfully the effects linger in your system. DE-STRESS AND BOOST IMMUNITY, ENERGY AND SERENITY As your SHIATSU practitioner, I take your health very seriously. I am not exaggerating, however, when I say that SHIATSU is a […]

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IMMUNITY BUILDING: the Quick Links Post
Immunity, skin, elimination, vitality ... fighting off the lurgies

The Triple Heater and Immunity Immunity is a key word for the historical moment that we find ourselves in. Nobody’s immunity is bullet proof but there are lots of things that can be done to maximize on the system that you have. Helping people to help themselves and take charge of their own health is […]

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