Arms & Hands: Channels & Acu-points


The arms and hands, similar to the head/neck area, are a good place to get bang for your buck with tapping, rubbing &/or squeezing down the energy channels. As you can see from the attached diagram and Colour Key Chart, all 12 ordinary meridians are represented and their channels run quite close to the skin surface. Furthermore, there are a number of useful and powerful acupressure points.

ARMS & JOINTS: Channels & Energy Gates

The twelve meridian channels run in gradually converging lines down the arm. They stay on track with no overlapping until they pass the wrist. This means that, should you wish to do so, they are all fairly easy to find. On the other hand, you can easily cover all the skin surface – and thence all the channels – without really needing to think about them individually … unless you are targeting your DO-IN at something specific, AUTUMN IMMUNITY for example.

This AUTUMN IMMUNITY DO-IN has focused on three specific channels: Triple Heater (TH) foundation with LUNG (LU) & LARGE INTESTINE (LI) reinforcing.
Even though your whole energetic system is involved, these three meridians are the keys in supporting immunity.

Arm and Hand meridian channels made easy with this colour coded key chart
Arm & Hand meridian channels made easy with this Colour Coded Key Chart

Stay Loose in your Joints … and in your attitude towards them

I cannot overstress the importance of developing and maintaining loose, flexible and responsive joints.

Each arm comprises three significant joints: shoulder, elbow and wrist.
Joints function as gates along the body’s energy channels. If they are rigid and inflexible the energy flow will be constrained so it is in your interest to be gentle and cajoling with non-responsive joints. They will talk back and start to give in eventually.

NOTE: There is very little point being aggressive with tough, stand-offish joints and, at the extreme, you could hurt yourself.


The wrists are worth some extra time and attention if for no other reason than that this is where we find the Source Points for six of the twelve meridians. As luck would have it, our three focus meridians are among them. All six are marked on the diagram and given a 5-pointed star – that’s how important they are.

SOURCE POINTS are where the fundamental, primordial or source KI (energy) gathers. Manual penetration / manipulation of the point, accompanied by focused intention, will encourage the release of this energy into the system at large.

NOTE: the Triple Heater is the meridian responsible for the circulation of Source KI. It is worth spending a bit of time getting to know the TH Source Point on the back of the wrist and encouraging it to be strong, loose and responsive.

HANDS: Transporting Points & Element Points

The hand is like major train station where all the tracks come almost together. Energy can even jump between the finger tips if those fingernail meridian end points are kept alive and active. (Hence the “flicking” in your Do-In.) For the six meridians with wrist Source Points, these fingernail points are known as Well Points: “Well” as in a place where you draw water, except that here it relates to energy.

Each Well Point is the first point in a series of five running up the meridian channel in the arm. They are mostly on the hand/wrist with one on the lower arm and the fifth (marked on the diagram) around the elbow. These points, known as Element Points & Transporting Points, are exceptionally useful for harmonizing relationships between the Elements in the energetic system. (See the Colour Key Chart.) They are also important for communication between the inside & outside of the full body system. Stimulating &/or warming these points can activate KI deep within the meridian and regulate organ function.

That said, I believe that it would be counter-productive for you overthink or get bogged in any of this TCM theory. However, this brief coverage of the value of these points – individually and in series – serves to underline my opening comment

The arms and hands are a great place for you to get terrific bang for your buck with even quite generalized DO-IN coverage.
Lifting your focus and intention a notch or two will serve you even better.

NEXT STEPS: Further Detailing your Do-In

The next installment of your expanding Do-In will focus on bringing more detail, awareness and energy to the upper torso: integrating front, back & sides and super-charging your Upper Heater.

Video 5 will be available on Tuesday April 28 at 11 am on Instagram


I look forward to seeing you all there,


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