Relocation of Shiatsu Clinic


I have relocated my clinic!
After five years in Bondi Junction and with The Loft & Earth Centre closing, I though it a good moment to pay attention to my own SEASONAL CARE TIPS & RESOURCES and to KEEP MOVING IN WINTER. An enforced relocation – but a good move nonetheless.

You can now find me at in Randwick Junction at the Ben & Biao Natural Medicine Clinic. It is a really lovely clinic with beautifully contained energy and a great team of practitioners. I’m positive that you will all enjoy coming in for a Shiatsu in this new place.

203 Avoca Street, Randwick
BEN & BIAO Natural Medicine Clinic

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I’m in the process of integrating with the Ben & Biao booking system. So the booking buttons and links on my various web pages and sites will soon take you to the a new booking page which is on their website. This will look a little different and you will need to scroll down the options to find me but is still very easy to navigate.
For those of you who would like a direct link to the new booking page, here it is:

Should any of you experience any difficulty with this new system or simply prefer to book directly with me please feel free to contact me via:


Ben & Biao is a small clinic with all the treatment rooms leading off a single corridor. Management requests, firstly, that all visitors (& practitioners) do their best to keep their voices well down.
Their second request is that masks be worn while in the common areas of the Clinic. Should you have any concerns about this please don’t hesitate to contact me.


This relocation need not be a problem for anybody. The Randwick Junction clinic is easy to find, easy to get to and easy to park for.


Royal Randwick Shopping Centre offers 2 hours of free parking. Entry is from Avoca St, north bound.
There is also 1 hour time-limited street parking on Mears Ave. Mears Ave becomes unlimited at 6pm.
You will find 2 hour time-limited parking in Milford St.
Mears & Milford run off Avoca (south bound) and the Clinic is in between them – very close to Mears and not far from Milford.


Getting to Randwick Junction on public transport is easy. You have the choice of LIGHT RAIL (direct from Circular Quay via the CBD, Central Station and Surrey Hills) and a good range of BUSES from different locations including:

  • Bondi Junction – 390X & 356
  • CBD – 373
  • Newtown, St Peters & Green Square stations – 370
  • Coogee Beach – 373, 370
  • Eastgardens via Maroubra Junction – 356
  • Maroubra Beach 375

RATES for 2022/23


First of all, the good news for my LEGACY CLIENTS (people that I’ve treated before this relocation) is that you will enjoy a grace period from now until the end of the year. This assumes, however, that you book in to see me before the end of October. After that date, the old rates will apply only to Regular clients: clients that I have seen in the six months prior to their appointment.
What this means is that those of you that I haven’t seen for a while might want to come in sooner rather than later to enjoy this relocation grace period.

For Regular Legacy Clients the new 2022/23 rates will take effect on
the 1st MONDAY IN JANUARY 2023


With the turn of the financial year & the relocation, my rates have gone up for all new clients (and for everybody in 2023). There are many reasons for this. Suffice to say that, as we all know, the price of everything is only going up and the relocation has made things even more expensive.

The scheduled rise is between 5% and 7.5 % (i.e. between $5 & $10) depending on what type of Shiatsu session you are enjoying. The new Schedule is available on application:

2022/23 rates are already in place

SHIATSU for YOU in 2022

I look forward to welcoming both new and Legacy clients to my Randwick clinic – if not this Winter then in the coming Spring.


Come in and see the new place

BOOK IN for a Shiatsu

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