Tapping into your head, face & neck areas. Detailing your Do-In phase 1.

Backing up Video 3.

Detailed tapping (pounding, rubbing, squeezing, etc.) into the head/face/neck area represents a great opportunity to stimulate all the meridians. As you can see from the attached chart & diagram, it is a very meridian dense zone:

  • All the channels are represented and
  • Nearly all the meridians have a clearly defined correspondence zone.

In fact, it’s all so dense that I have made you a key to make sense of the abbreviations and colour coding! The tapping will only be enhanced by greater awareness of where, how & why.

NOTE: I have seen, in preview, that the meridian diagram in the banner was cut. I have put an uncut version at the bottom of the post.


These zones are a bit like the zones in Reflexology in that they reflect what is happening in the meridian in question. They also give access to the meridian KI / energy and stimulation of those zones will certainly help to keep your KI moving – particularly if done with awareness and intent.

Like the zones in the hara (abdomen), down the back or at the wrist, the facial zones can be used diagnostically. However, whereas the hara (for instance) speaks of what is happening functionally, at the moment of palpation, visible idiosyncrasies on the face are suggestive of longer term issues and/or imbalances.  

Zen Shiatsu Meridian correspondence zones in the face.


Yes, you got that one correctly. Although I would say it is more like pressing and vibrating into the eyes. As I mention in the video, it looks a little strange and perhaps don’t go there if you have gorgeous long fingernails, but it really works a treat at releasing those tiny muscles that support your vision and helping with tired, sore eyes.

An older post of mine describes this process in more detail. Its partner post suggests a few other, simple exercises for relieving tired eyes and improving eye function.


PLEASE NOTE: release here translates to release in the Liver meridian which governs the eyes and the “vision” more generally – on a range of levels. As Winter starts to close in on us – particularly if we are all more or less stuck in our homes– it could be far too easy for our vision and our world to shrink.
This year it might be worthwhile injecting some Springtime Liver expansiveness and clarity of vision into your Autumn awareness.

Keep your eyes open and look around … open yourself to the possibilities for expansion and interest that are bound to be there … whatever the circumstances.

NEXT STEPS: Detailing your Do-In – Phase 2

The next installment of your expanding Do-In will focus on bringing more detail, awareness and energy to the upper torso: integrating front, back & sides and super-charging your Upper Heater.

Video 4 will be posted on Saturday April 25 at 11 am on Instagram.


I look forward to seeing you all there,


Tapping into your head, face & neck areas. Detailing your Do-In phase 1.
Tapping into your head, face & neck: a high density meridian zone. Detailing your Do-In – phase 1.

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