Torso Time: Connecting & stimulating Upper & Middle Heaters for even better Autumn Immunity


The upper and middle torso, not surprisingly, are where the Upper & Middle Heaters (or Warmers) overlap and connect. It is also an area of the body where we find a concentration of both meridian specific diagnostic / reflective zones as well as organ specific acu-points.

UPPER TORSO: shoulders, chest, back & ribs

In the upper torso it is worth paying attention to both Lung 2 & Lung 1 points.
LU 2 is nestled under the collar bone at the shoulder joint. It is a strong point for the relief from breathing difficulties – particularly those derived from fullness or excess heat in the lungs. Like many “joint points”, it also functions as a gateway – most notably for LU 1 energy.
LU 1, just below it, is the “Gathering Point” for Lung meridian energy that relates specifically to the condition of the lung organ.

GATHERING POINTS (aka Alarm or Front-MU Points)

The front of the upper & mid torso is littered with Gathering Points (see diagram*). Each point (or bi-lateral pair of points) is specific to a meridian correspondent organ and can be used both diagnostically and in treatment for that organ. For example, the Large Intestine Gathering points (on either side of the navel) can be used to strengthen &/or disperse congested energy from the large intestine organ.
NOTE: few of these points are actually on the associated meridian. However they tend to be quite close to the actual organ in question.

GATHERING POINTS (aka: Alarm or Front-MU Points)

*NOTE: This diagram & its partner below refer to Triple Heater as Triple Warmer (TW) and its YIN partner, Heart Constrictor, as Pericardium (PC).

MID TORSO: Respiratory to Digestive

As with the upper torso and rib-cage, the diagram shows a number of Gathering Points spread down and around the abdomen / hara. Moving down the body, there is a drift from organs of respiration (& circulation) to those involved in digestion.
Furthermore, as the banner diagram shows, the hara area (like the face) is packed full with meridian diagnostic / reflective zones and can be exploited in a similar way.

Energy flows where awareness goes.

By giving attention – in the form or warmth or pressure – to these points and zones you trigger energy flow. This, in turn, encourage self-correction and balancing in both organs and meridians.

Listen closely to how your body/system feels beneath your touch and respond with sensitivity and empathy. You may well find that you can trigger significant relief from congestion and discomfort.

THE BACK: ENTERING POINTS (aka Transporting or Back-Shu points)

These points serve a very similar function to those on the front of the body: they offer direct access to the meridian correspondent organs for both diagnosis and treatment. They all lie on the Bladder (BL) meridian that runs down either side of the spine.
NOTE: moving down the back, they are clearly organized in terms of Upper, Middle & Lower Heaters. The respiratory / circulation organ points are in the upper thoracic area. The points corresponding to the organs involved in digestion are in the mid to lower thoracic area.

ENTERING POINTS (aka: Transporting or Back-SHU Points)


At the lower end of the spine we find the points for the Lower Heater which is concerned with elimination (or “drainage”) and movement. Movement provides essential support for elimination (as well as immune support) in that it:

  • Gets the bowels moving
  • Encourages sweating,
  • Promotes better blood circulation &
  • Promotes lymphatic circulation and drainage for the elimination of toxins.

The Large Intestine (& its corresponding organ) complete the transition from digestion to elimination. The bladder is an elimination dedicated organ. The small intestine is principally an organ of digestion. However, the Small Intestine meridian which governs our sense of empowerment – including physical empowerment – along with our big muscles is heavily involved in movement.

NEXT STEPS: Final Detailing your Autumn Immunity Do-In

The next installment of your expanding Do-In will focus on bringing more detail, awareness and energy to the buttocks, legs & feet and super-charging your Lower Heater.

Video 6 will be available on Saturday May 2 @ 11 am on Instagram.


The 7th and final video in this Autumn Immunity series will deliver the full, integrated DO-IN … at speed.

I look forward to seeing you all there,


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