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Welcome to the web home of BARBARA RICHARDSON - ZEN SHIATSU, the Zen Shiatsu massage specialist - in greater Randwick. BOOKINGS are AVAILABLE for 60, 90 & 120 minute treatments in my Clovelly Rd clinic. Enjoy improving your health as I help you recover from pain and trauma, manage chronic issues, bask in your pregnancy or simply LIE DOWN and experience the deep RELAXATION & RE-CHARGE that only ZEN SHIATSU DELIVERS.


Zen Shiatsu is MORE THAN A MASSAGEIt is energy based body work that is thorough, therapeutic and an absolute pleasure to receive. REGULAR CLINIC DAYS: every Monday & alternate  Sundays.
My classic, wrap-around care treatments are HOLISTIC, CLIENT SPECIFIC & PROFOUNDLY RELAXING. Individual diagnosis determines your whole of body treatment. Your specific issues are addressed within the context of balancing & energizing your entire system.  
  • New & Casual clients – 120min – $180.
  • Regular clients – 90min – $160.
BOOK IN NOW to experience the bliss of Classic Zen Shiatsu. Find out more about the BENEFITS of ZEN SHIATSU or contact me directly: use the phone (0424 009 721) or use the form at the bottom of the page.
Clients can also enjoy the CONCENTRATED ZEN BLISS of my shorter treatments targeting the specific issue you would like me to address: pain in the upper back, fatigue or … ??? ALTERNATIVELY, you might be interested in my specialized SPINAL or HARA+ targeted treatments. The energy meridians run through the entire body, with multiple zones of reflection and correspondence. The hands on work may be localized but you will feel the benefits of the treatment throughout your whole system.
  • Single 1hr session - $120.
  • Pre-paid package of 3 sessions – $345.
  • Pre-paid package of 5 sessions – $550.
BOOK IN NOW to experience the relaxation, release & re-charge of Targeted Zen Shiatsu.
In a world where so many of us have so much stuff, what do you give that special FRIEND, LOVED ONE or OUTSTANDING EMPLOYEE? Maybe some flying lessons? BUT if you give a Shiatsu they could fly – or at least float – and totally relax at the same time!! Starting at only $120.00 for 60 minutes, ZEN BLISS has never been so easy to give (or enjoy). Pampering gift vouchers are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and, of course, baby showers. Alternatively, they will make a fantastic addition to your CORPORATE REWARDS PROGRAM. Discounts are available for bulk buys. Find out more about ZEN SHIATSU, or CONTACT ME DIRECTLY: Use the phone (0424 009 721) or use the form at the bottom of the page.

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... about ME, my PRACTICE, and the BENEFITS of ZEN SHIATSU. Simply click and explore behind the tiles below. You can also discover my SEASONAL RESOURCES PAGES with tips and links to help you make the most of the energy of the moment. Or click straight through to my IMMUNITY-BUILDING HUB designed to support you through challenging times at any time of the year. REMEMBER: no matter how well you are feeling you have the capacity to be feeling better in body, mind & spirit - especially if you BOOK IN  for a Shiatsu.


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