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Welcome to the web home of Barbara Richardson-Zen Shiatsu, a Zen Shiatsu massage specialist based in Bondi Junction, the heart of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, and servicing the corporate world of greater Sydney. Enjoy improving your health as I help you recover from pain and trauma, manage chronic issues, bask in your pregnancy or simply lie down, relax and feel better in your body, mind and spirit. Discover how the energy of your workplace can be enhanced through the stress and fatigue busting action of Zen Shiatsu.


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Between now and Zen, there is Shiatsu. Bring more colour to your life.


No matter how well you are feeling you have the capacity to be feeling better. It's time to treat yourself, your employees or your loved ones. My clinic is open every Monday as well as alternate Tuesdays and weekends. Following my clinic on Tues 28/01/20, these are my FEBRUARY CLINIC DATES: Every Monday; Tuesdays Feb 11 & 25; Weekends Feb 1/2, 15/16 & Sat 29.

Book in to take advantage of my BONDI JUNCTION clinic on MONDAYS each week (8am – 8pm) as well as alternate TUESDAYS (Jan 28 / Feb 11 & 25 / Mar 10 & 24). I also offer regular WEEKEND CLINICS (10am - 5pm, Sat & Sun). Upcoming Weekend Clinics are on Feb 1/2, 15/16 & 29 followed by Mar 1, 14/15 & 28/29 . Your first session - enjoying 90 minutes of classic Zen Shiatsu with full wrap-around care - will cost $150.00. Regular clients taking advantage of my benefits schemes can accrue discounts worth over $25 per treatment (90 min. session). Alternatively, you can enjoy a shorter, 60 min, session with body zone specific or issue specific Zen Bliss for a mere $100. Discounts are available for multi-treatment packages. Find out more about the BENEFITS of ZEN SHIATSU or CONTACT ME NOW for an appointment. Use the phone (0424 009 721) or use the form at the bottom of the page.
Lift the energy of your workplace, improve productivity and build corporate loyalty as you reward and re-vitalise your employees. My Corporate Services deliver excellent release and relaxation while addressing common ailments that niggle at the office worker. Use my gift VOUCHERS as part of your CORPORATE REWARDS PROGRAM or include me in your IN-HOUSE WELL-BEING PROGRAM. My short treatments (20 or 30 min. turnover) are highly targeted to meet the needs of your individual employees. This service is available Tuesday to Thursday for a minimum 3 hour booking at a rate of $120.00 / hour. All I need is a quiet space with 2.5 x 3.5m (min) of clean clear floor. To make it easy for you, once your block booking is made your employees can book directly with me via my online booking page. Find out more about CORPORATE ZEN SHIATSU and let's START A CONVERSATION NOW. Use the phone (0424 009 721) or use the form at the bottom of the page.
In a world where so many of us have so much stuff, what do you give that special person - FRIEND, LOVED ONE, OUTSTANDING EMPLOYEE ... or perhaps YOURSELF? Some flying lessons might be fun but if you give a Shiatsu they would get to fly – or at least float – and relax at the same time!! With vouchers & E-vouchers starting at only $100.00 (60 minutes), ZEN BLISS has never been so easy to give (or enjoy). My beautiful “give a Shiatsu to that person who has everything” vouchers are always available for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and, of course, baby showers. Alternatively, pampering gift vouchers will make a fantastic addition to your CORPORATE REWARDS PROGRAM. Discounts are available for bulk buys. Find out more about ZEN SHIATSU, or get in touch with me directly. Use the phone (0424 009 721) or use the form at the bottom of the page.

From the mat to you.

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