hibernation: clinical practice put to sleep

HIBERNATION: The new “it-word” for government and business

Autumn is here, CV 19 is here and hibernation is the new word for what happens when you close your business without actually closing your business. As of one week ago the Loft & Earth Center and my clinic are officially closed for the duration of the lock-down … or shutdown. Call it what you will, I’m in hibernation.

I have been put to sleep!

While I am not at all happy about putting my clinic to sleep, it is, in the context of the growing pandemic threat and the speed with which everything is moving, the necessary thing to do. I apologize again to those people with late March/April bookings – pencilled or confirmed.

RESPONSE to hibernation

Things seem to have settled into a shutdown routine and we have been informed that it is likely to be a 3 month minimum event. I’m profiting from this smidge of stability to establish my response to this very, very new situation. In spite of my clinical hibernation I intend to remain very present and active on the Shiatsu front. That is to say, taking what bits and pieces I can of my practice over to online/mobile platforms and making myself as present as you would like me to be.

This will involve VIDEOS (& back-up written posts) of practical, useful things that you can do for yourself to maintain good relaxation and also keep your your energetic & physical system stimulated and in balance. I’ll include some other, similar things that you can do for your co-habitants … things that you can also encourage them to do for you in return.

I will also be looking at adapting my workshop program, Nurturing Connection, to give small group ONLINE WORKSHOPS, looking at Shiatsu basics.
In addition, I will be available to respond directly (phone, email, etc) to any problems, questions, whatever that you might have.


I will put out a newsletter early next week (along with a more thorough site post) with details of what I’ll be doing and links for how to access the material.

In the meantime, I suggest that you get active on all that immune system building!!


I would very much like to thank the people who, in their different ways, manage and maintain the Loft & Earth Centre: C, K, M & Z. As my private clients, you don’t necessarily see them or their efforts but I can assure you that their positive encouragement and material support to the practitioners who work there has been outstanding and I think everyone who benefits from the Centre needs to know this.  

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