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HEARTFELT RESOLUTIONS, MAKING CONNECTIONS & getting a great discount on your inaugural SHIATSU

Resolutions, Connections & a great deal on your inaugural Shiatsu?
What is the link? Summer Spirit: Caring & sharing – for yourself and others.


It’s so hard to stay resolute about those resolutions. New Year excitement turbo charges the inspired rising energy of Summer and every year we resolve to be or do …. something. We would all like to feel better in ourselves, be better in our lives and do better things in the world … but building lasting change can be difficult.

Summer is the red, melting pot season. Four energy meridians combine in creative Fire to bring out the best in us and support us in our relationships: with ourselves, other people and the world at large. Consider:

  • Empowerment supported by the Small Intestine meridian;
  • Communication & Connection by virtue of the Heart Protector and Triple Heater meridians;
  • Compassion born of an open Heart & developed Awareness

Everything you need to start making a reality of those resolutions – or perhaps others that actually work better for you.

This is the season of caring & sharing, of creativity, joy & laughter and your Heart energy is at the center of it all. The Heart meridian is the Queen of the System and House of the Spirit or Consciousness. It is the spiritual core of the Fire Element.

CARE & COMPASSION … for yourself & the world around you

I cannot overstate the importance of bringing conscious empowerment to your connection with yourself. It is time to treat yourself with care and compassion. Time to nurture your Heart. Because the stronger and clearer you are – in your Heart and in yourself – the more you have to give and, the more imagination you will bring to your giving. As a result, it becomes easier and easier to give. Even better, the pleasure of giving will further compound the original feel-good of quality self-care.

Zen Shiatsu is more than a profoundly relaxing massage and more than an effective energetic and physical therapy. It is a modality that actively supports individual engagement, empowerment and responsibility. It will, in this way, support you in pursuing your resolutions and goals. Zen Shiatsu can be the beginning of an amazing positive spiral. The more you invest in yourself and the more awareness you bring to receiving Shiatsu, the more you get out of Shiatsu and the more your capacity to engage and contribute will grow.

I would love to see you for a seasonal Shiatsu. Perhaps it’s just what you need to support your Heart-nurturing Summer.
Those of you familiar with Zen Shiatsu could also take note that there are already Heart and Fire nurturing resources at your fingertips . As the season progresses, there will be more “Heart dedicated” posts – like this one .


For those of you not familiar with Zen Shiatsu this could just be your lucky Summer.

I am always looking for ways to make it easier for more people to enjoy the experience and the benefits of Zen Shiatsu. So, to launch my new E-vouchers – the all new “tap & relax” phenomenon – I’m offering a 15% discount to 1st time clients from now until March 21st, the Autumn Equinox. For returning clients there is a 10% discount.

This seems to me to be in good keeping with the energy of Summer and the theme of nurturing an open, compassionate and generous Heart.

For newbies, this means only $85.00 for 60 minutes of Zen Bliss. This is a closely targeted treatment that still delivers the profound relaxation that IS Shiatsu. 60 minutes to take time-out from your life and receive some detailed nurturing attention where you think you most need it. Perhaps your upper body, lower body, front body, back body OR perhaps that particular single issue somewhere in your system which just won’t shift.

We all need support and support works best when it’s a pleasure to receive. Whether it’s a one-off Summer boost or ongoing engagement that you are seeking, Zen Shiatsu helps you feel better in yourself and in your life and to be better in touch with yourself and your aspirations. This is how to imagine and achieve the resolutions and goals that are really important and are going to work for you.

It’s time to light your Fire, stoke those resolutions and make this an even better Summer.

Find out more about me & my practice, what it means to receive a Shiatsu and how you could benefit.

OR Contact me now.
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