What is Zen Shiatsu - more than a massage


A highly refined, expansive acupressure massage: a deeply relaxing and powerful blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with the historical healing techniques of Japan. It proposes that energy (qi, chi or KI) flows through the body in defined channels known as meridians. It follows that ease and harmony of this energetic flow are the foundation of good health.
Zen Shiatsu is aimed at releasing and balancing the flow of KI and emphasises treatment of the whole meridian – encompassing all points – as distinct from the individual point focus of traditional acupressure/acupuncture.

THE THERAPIST USES RELAXED BODY WEIGHT and gravity (rather than strength) to apply gentle, possibly firm pressure along the meridians: holding, stretching, rotating, connecting and releasing. Hands, elbows, feet and knees may all be employed and the tempo varies from seemingly still to very dynamic. THE RECEIVER EXPERIENCES the satisfaction of touch along with profound energy balancing – on all levels – as they relax through a clinically therapeutic musculoskeletal treatment.

Zen Shiatsu is energy based body work. It is MORE THAN A MASSAGE. It is a hands-on technique that provides TANGIBLE PHYSICAL RELIEF from tension, fatigue, pain and stiffness – localized &/or general. This, in turn, improves circulation while strengthening organ function and muscle tone. By means of focused penetrative touch, the therapist identifies and stimulates reactive points while treating the full length of the meridian. In this way, Zen Shiatsu WORKS DIRECTLY ON THE RECEIVER’S ENERGETIC BODY to harmonize the flow of KI and facilitate holistic systemic change.

There is a strong emphasis on connecting directly with the receiver’s KI and the constant two-handed technique delivers real-time awareness of energy shifts. This means that the treatment may be developed and adapted in response to what is actually happening for the client.

Balancing the underlying energetic causes of a condition relaxes the body, settles the emotions and calms the mind. The “flight or fight” sympathetic nervous system is soothed as the “rest and digest” parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated along with the innate capacity of the body/mind/spirit to heal itself and respond better to stress.

Zen Shiatsu is NON-AGGRESSIVE AND NON-INVASIVE. It is usually performed on a futon mat on the floor. The receiver remains clothed / robed and no oils are used.

My Classic, wrap-around care, treatments are thorough, therapeutic and a pleasure to receive. They are HOLISTIC AND CLIENT SPECIFIC. Individual diagnosis determines your treatment addressing your issues and delivered within the context of balancing your complete system.

Private clients can also enjoy the concentrated Zen Bliss of my shorter Targeted treatments focused on a specific body zone or a particular issue. The target may be identified by you, the receiver. Alternatively, you might want to experience the seasonal optimization of:

  1. The SPINAL+ FULL BACK , or

IN THE CORPORATE CONTEXT, Zen Shiatsu is delivered as localized treatments (30 min turnover) with strategic support work at further points on the energy channels in question. These treatments are designed to target common ailments that niggle at the office worker while also addressing issues of fatigue and stress. The meridians run through the whole body, with multiple zones of reflection and correspondence, so that relief is brought to problem areas while the entire system is renewed – because this is more than a conventional massage.

ZEN SHIATSU MAY BE USED as a preventative therapy &/or in response to a range of specific problems. Find out more about how you or your employees could BENEFIT from Zen Shiatsu.

Zen Shiatsu is a complementary therapy regulated by the Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia (STAA).