The benefits of Zen Shiatsu will be evident from a SINGLE TREATMENT. Pain, tension and fatigue will be addressed as your system is re-energized and de-stressed. More of a treat than a treatment, it will leave you feeling at ease and thoroughly looked after.
REGULAR ZEN SHIATSU provides a powerful counter-balance to the pressures and toxic elements of our 21st Century lifestyle. You will find yourself progressively more in touch with your system – addressing small needs and imbalances as they arise – while building immunity and resilience.
Deep relaxation teaches you to rest your stress response. This enables better responses to real pressures when they do appear.

Whether used in response to a specific issue and/or as a preventative therapy, the effects of Zen Shiatsu will develop as the receiver takes greater responsibility for their health and wellbeing. As a BENEFITS BASELINE, however, I can provide you with excellent support in managing your pregnancy, recovering from surgery, injury or chemotherapy and in addressing a wide range of specific conditions including:
* Joint and soft tissue problems (e.g. pain, stiffness, inflammation)
* Headaches and nervous tension
* Sciatica
* Digestive problems
* Menstrual, menopausal and other female reproductive issues
* Insomnia and other sleep related issues
* Allergies
* Stress related conditions such as anxiety, irritability and depression

In the CORPORATE CONTEXT, ongoing Zen Shiatsu will deliver a happier, healthier, more relaxed workforce – ready to react more effectively to the necessary challenges of the workplace.
* Receiving Zen Shiatsu feels fantastic. High quality, professional touch therapy actively promotes the circulation of feel-good neuron-transmitters in the body.
* Profound, therapeutic relaxation stimulates self-healing and immune functions.
* Energizing relief from stress and fatigue which, if left unattended, becomes demoralizing and potentially undermines both mental and physical well-being.
* Early, in-house intervention for aches pains and niggles.
* Powerful sense of being recognized, looked after & rewarded.

* In-house Shiatsu creates an association between the feel-great of Shiatsu and being at work – building good will, enthusiasm and loyalty.
* Your staff, possibly your most important asset, will feel and function better – more motivated, more focused, more productive.
* Zen Shiatsu is pro-active, preventative and potentially cost saving. A 30 minute Shiatsu in a long working day is cheap compared to a full day (or more) off work.
* Best therapeutic results for the individual balanced with workplace demands: re-locating your employee – away from their chair and their screen to a separate space dedicated to their well-being – then wrapping up their dedicated time with stimulating techniques that support the transition back to work.
* Minimum effort on your part: once your block booking is made, your employees can book in directly via my online booking page; use my E-brochure to let your staff know what their appreciative employer is providing.

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