The change of weather is imminent. The temperature is dropping and the wind is rising even though the humidity is clinging on. It’s time to be a little careful of those change-of-season lurgies. The ones that strike you down just when you think your health could not be better. My home remedy for all things chesty – particularly when they hit in Autumn – is good old “KUZU PEARS WITH GINGER” (& umeboshi as well if you have some lying around). The pears decongest and moisten the lungs while the ginger invigorates them. The kuzu helps your large intestine eliminate the junk and the umeboshi functions as a natural anti-biotic. Ever so easy to make: stew the pears in minimal water; add the kuzu (that you have dissolved in minimal cold water): then throw in as much grated ginger as your taste buds direct. The umeboshi probably needs a bit of dissolving and breaking up before you add it – but that’s not hard either. The best thing is, that it tastes really good. Even small children like it!! (Although usually without the ginger or umeboshi.)

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