Here it is. The first featured acupressure point for the season: Lung 2. It may not get as much press as LU 1, but I rather like it – just as I like lame jokes. It is a great point for all sorts of breathing difficulties as well as tension/pain/stiffness in the shoulders. Like LU 1, it also disperses heat and fullness in the Lung (& chest generally) and descends and disperse Lung KI.
Otherwise known as the Cloud Gate, LU 2 sits between Heaven (head and neck) and Earth (lower body). The Lung meridian is known as the Official who receives the pure KI from the Heavens & LU 1 is the gathering point and center of our divine inspiration & spirit. This, of course, brings us to the gate – which may or may not allow that inspiration to spread further: in the latter case, leaving us “under a cloud”.
So tap, press, hold, massage into good old Lung 2 and let your spirit flow.

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