Really? Resting is good but you could be doing so much more for them. Looking at screens – of any shape or size – would have to be one of the most tiring things for the eyes. By contrast, structuring in “eye breaks” – particularly at work – could be one of the most important things you do for your vision and concentration. You could use the clock in your computer or download a simple application like eyes-relax or eyeleo, to name but two. ( ,
Once you have the breaks in place, use them well. To begin with: how about shifting your focal distance. This is an easy way to release and exercise the muscles of the eyes. Take your eyes off the screen (standing up if possible) and cast them around seeking out some object (or thing) as far away from you as you can find. Have a good look at it, really pulling it into focus. When you are satisfied that it can’t get any clearer, shift your vision to something about ½ way between you and your 1st object. Again, pull it into focus. Then go back to your 1st object and have another clear look. Once you’re on top of this, enjoy playing with this simple technique using a range of objects – of different sizes – at varying distances from you and from each other.
On some breaks you may, of course, really just want to rest your eyes. In which case, maximise: close the eyes, put your hands on the desk one on top of the other, put your forehead on your hands and take a few soft, deep breaths into the lower abdomen.
Never underestimate the power of the micro-break. Your vision – and energy – will only improve.

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