Still resting those eyes? Are you ready to further enhance your micro-breaks? Firstly, give yourself the occasional 5 minute break, then rather than exercising the eyes outward:
(1) Close and cover them completely for a few breaths with the palms of the hands – no pressure, just a little warmth.
(2) Using the index, middle & ring fingers of each hand, starting at the inner corners of the eyes, press inward & upward along the inside of the bony upper eye sockets. Repeat a couple of times then do the same, downwards, onto the lower sockets.
Now comes the fun bit:
(3) Using the same 3 fingers, press in gently but firmly (without creating discomfort) between the eyeballs and the upper sockets and give a light, vibrating stimulation for a count of 10 then release suddenly. Repeat the process between the eyeballs and the lower sockets.
(4) Using the pads of the same 3 fingers, press slowly and gently on the front of the eyeballs. Again, release suddenly but this time repeat the exercise 10x.
(5) Cover the closed eyes once again (as in step 1) & slowly move the eyeballs around as far as possible in each direction – look up, down, left right then around clockwise followed by anti-clockwise. Repeat 5x.
(6) Using your thumbs and index fingers, gently “pick up” the upper eyelids & vibrate them for a count of 20.
(7) Finally, using one hand only, pinch the bridge of the nose and the inner corners of the eyes. Press deeply for a count of 10, then release suddenly. Repeat 3 – 5x.

There is a lot of detail here but it is actually fairly simple in practice. It is also surprisingly quick and very rewarding. For more info (& pictures) on these and other similar exercises, see:

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