Spring energy expanding

The energy of Spring is indiscriminately and irrepressibly expansive.

As a rule, it is also fairly fast moving: outward, upward, sideward, wherever-ward. Think about a sprouting mung bean. In 48 hours of warm spring weather it will go from a rock hard little bean to a soft, out-curling yummy edible: full of vitamins and life-loaded enzymes. This is the Spring super food par excellence and Spring is the season for expanding your world.

You could start by breathing, really breathing.

Find somewhere where you can be absolutely comfortable, relaxed and still. Ideally, I suggest that you lie down on your back. If you can’t, simply put yourself in a relaxed stance: feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent, crown of the head rising.

If you can lie down, bend your knees up and allow them to gently fall inwards so that they touch. Be sure that the soles of your feet (hip width apart) are flat to the ground and a little bit away from your buttocks. Try to keep the different lower body angles open and relaxed.

Then, let yourself breathe

  • Close your eyes and draw in the spring air. Allow your breathing to soften and slow down.
  • Gradually draw the breath further in – below the diaphragm – so that your lower belly, back and pelvic girdle expand with each intake. Be observant and keep every expansion nice and soft.
  • Start to consciously take more time as you exhale: more than you took to inhale. With each exhalation, soften even further into your new expanded self.
  • Keep it up, gently but consistently – ideally for 20 minutes or so.
  • Gradually you should feel your whole body system expanding and softening with the “wind” of your breathing.

Open your eyes and look around.
Open yourself to the possibilities that are bound to be there …
perhaps right in front of you.

Spring Meridians.

Liver and Gall Bladder meridians are the Yin and the Yang of Spring. They govern our capacity for vision and planning. This is the best time of year to establish a new vision and purpose for yourself and to create an achievable plan to get you there: a plan that satisfies both your external and your internal vision. Vision and purpose require clarity – getting rid of clutter – spring cleaning (in all its forms).

They also govern our capacity to be flexible: to bend and twist. Flexibility, patience and good organization are key to understanding and benefitting from the green, windy season when things (like the weather for example) can change in a blink. You need to be flexible – in body, mind and spirit – so that you can bend with the wind of unforeseen circumstances without giving in to anger or frustration. These are unproductive emotions associated with imbalance in the Spring meridians.

Finding your way.

You may need to take a step back for a different perspective. Review your objective and – perhaps – adapt your plan. You never know what obstacles &/or opportunities will be found along the path. However, you can be sure that there is always another way through – for those who can bend and twist – and quite possibly a different, equally positive, outcome to be reached.

Spring is here. This is the time to get out and breathe as you enjoy the wind and warmth and beauty of new beginnings.

Look and you will see. Look further …

Be inspired to extend your

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