Spring may not quite be here but, between the unusually warm weather and the currently crazy wind, you can definitely feel it coming. My front fence has been in bloom for at least a fortnight, and the front fence never lies.
It’s Transition Time !!!
In Oriental Medicine, SPRINGTIME is associated with VISION, FLEXIBILITY & PLANNING – on all levels. These three things require CLARITY – and clarity is best supported when your space (internal and external) is free of clutter. Hence the idea of SPRING CLEANING.
For those of you too busy to take on a full liver cleanse, I suggest a simpler program:
Start your day with the juice of ½ a lemon/lime in a glass of warm water and include something sour – grapefruit or natural yoghurt – in your breakfast.
Plan your lunchtime eating. Provide for yourself and avoid being waylaid by even the healthiest-seeming take away. The rules of thumb – go for green, go for sour and use top quality oils. [See my smiley green lunch box post from Oct 2016 on how to put together a midday meal so beautiful & delicious that your co-workers will be green … with envy!]
In the evening, eat light, eat early, don’t mix carbs with proteins and, again, include plenty of greens. This way you will be done digesting by bed time and your Liver & Gall Bladder energies can rest & restore fully.
A week or so like this – particularly if you can minimize your alcohol & caffeine intake – and you will be waking up bright, sparky, open to unforeseen possibilities and increasingly well focused on where you are going that day … and beyond.

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