Nurturing Connection with Shiatsu

A workshop for those who would like to share more with the people who are important to them

Develop your nurturing potential with this brand new Shiatsu venture for 2020. This relaxed, fun learning experience is specifically designed for people like you: non Shiatsu practitioners who would like to be more in touch with the needs of their friends and loved ones and more able to both give and receive support.

Introducing Shiatsu: Connecting with your touch

Shiatsu – as many of you are so aware – is a pleasure to receive (and to give). Acupressure and traditional Japanese massage, the physical and the energetic, combine to bring a profound sense of release and well-being.

Find out more about SHIATSU

Anyone and everyone can enjoy and benefit from Shiatsu. Why not start doing it for yourself?

A stand-alone workshop that will “nurture your capacity for nurturing” through:

  • greater presence, authenticity and warmth in your touch & your connection with your receiving partner – and vice-versa
  • accessible techniques and exercises using alignment, gravity, weight & intention for whole of body engagement & focus
  • basic tools for delivering and experiencing serious relaxation & improved energy flow

And, last but by no means least,

  • a simple back routine for you to continue exploring the benefits of Shiatsu in your own time and space

Attend with a Friend

Bookings will only be taken in pairs. So come with a sibling, partner, parent, child, friend, cousin … whoever you would like to share Shiatsu with.

The flip side of this, however, is that places will be limited.


A workshop for anybody – with or without experience of Shiatsu – delivered by two highly experienced accredited practitioners:

Together we offer 45 years’ professional Shiatsu practice and extensive teaching experience at Nature Care College, the Zen Renaissance College and the NSW School of Massage.

The Logistical Details:

When: Saturday Feb 29, 1.30 – 4.30 pm

Where: Level 1/70 Bronte Rd, Bondi Jct. at the Loft & Earth Centre

Cost: $220.00 / 2 persons

Don’t hesitate to CONTACT:
LILIAN – 0410 762 834
BARBARA – 0424 009 72

I look forward to seeing you, on the mat.


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