De-stress & Boost Immunity, Energy & Serenity

De -stress with SHIATSU now that you can.
You all know how profoundly relaxing and energising SHIATSU is and how powerfully the effects linger in your system.


As your SHIATSU practitioner, I take your health very seriously. I am not exaggerating, however, when I say that SHIATSU is a remarkable modality for delivering stress reduction.

It specifically targets the shut-down of the sympathetic nervous system (flight/fight stress response) in favour of the para-sympathetic nervous system (rest/digest/heal response).
By balancing and boosting your energy flow it makes you stronger in the face of invasive pathogens – as you de-stress.

I would also point out that SHIATSU is NOT a skin-to-skin modality.

To make it easier for you to find time for your SHIATSU treatment, I am encouraging people to take advantage of my shorter SHIATSU sessions of 1hr.

If you would like to come in, lie down and de-stress please book sooner rather than later.
I will be keeping my clinic open for as long as possible: treating every Monday, alternate Tuesdays & alternate weekends. However, most probably it is only a matter of time before lock-down conditions are imposed.

De-stress in Safety

Your safety and your sense of being in a safe place is at all times paramount and I am committed to acting in the most responsible way possible for you and the wider community.

With this in view, various risk management protocols have been put in place to put you at ease in my clinic. These protocols will develop as new advice and regulations emerge. They apply to:

  • The Centre as a whole
  • My SHIATSU clinic
  • Conduct of all visitors and clients within the Centre


Loft & Earth Centre Protocols

Loft & Earth Centre management, are applying specific hygiene practices to help keep all visitors, practitioners and their clients safe:

  • Daily cleaning of all surfaces, door handles, hand rails, drawers, phones and tech with antibacterial solution
  • Washing cushion covers weekly with antibacterial washing detergent
  • Installing paper towel and antibacterial spray dispensers into our event rooms and kitchen space to be used by hirers and guests
  • Sanitizing all water glasses, crockery, cutlery etc. through our commercial dishwasher
  • Providing an antibacterial hand wash throughout the center for hand washing
  • Using hand sanitizer at the front desk and in practitioner rooms.
  • And of course… washing our hands regularly!
  • PLEASE NOTE ALSO that Loft & Earth is very spacious and enjoys relatively low visitor traffic.

SHIATSU Clinic Protocols

In my clinic space, which is WELL IN EXCESS OF 10m2, I am following through with:

  • Thorough, daily cleaning of all accessible surfaces / objects with disinfectant
    With additional wipe downs of client use surfaces / objects between clients
  • Washing all linen at 60 degrees Celsius or higher using disinfectant.
  • Ensuring all linen is single use only
  • Adding a disinfected, impermeable layer beneath the head-cloth (i.e. between your head and the pillow/futon)
  • Diffusing essential oils (to help destroy airborne virus and bacteria).
  • Ventilating the space thoroughly before & after each client.
  • Washing with soap before and after each client + using sanitizer within treatments prior to any upper body work
  • Eliminating any/all skin to skin contact by working through a layer of cloth to all body surfaces (including hands, neck, head & face) at all times.
  • Eliminating any face to face work on the upper body
  • Inviting you to consider wearing or bringing appropriate clothing in which to receive your SHIATSU (rather than changing into a clinic robe – albeit a disinfected one)
  • Accepting Direct Deposit payments only – no cash.

Visitor / Client Protocols

All people entering the Centre are asked to please consider the greater good and:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly upon entering and prior to leaving the Centre,
  • Minimize your contact with any & all surfaces while in the Centre.
  • Be prepared for a bit of extra screening regarding your current health status, your exposure to anybody confirmed with Covid-19 &/or to any persons entering the country within the previous 14 days.
    >> depending on your immediate circumstance, it may be necessary for you to re-schedule your visit
  • Please don’t hesitate to call in advance and re-schedule your visit should you be feeling unwell or presenting with flu-like symptoms

Help Yourself to De-stress & Build Immunity

There are a number of basic, general principles that you can follow to reduce your stress and support your immune function.

  • Eat well and regularly with plenty of fresh fruit & veg (of which there is plenty in the shops)
  • Keep hydrated
  • Prioritize extra sleep / rest
  • Exercise regularly in the fresh air to get your blood and lymph moving
  • Set limits on checking your news-feed
  • Minimize consumption of products that undermine immune function and can exacerbate stress: alcohol, sugar (& dead white starch generally), caffeine for example

Find more specific ideas for things you can do on the level of diet, exercise and lifestyle tweaks, check out my IMMUNITY BUILDING Quick Links Post.

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