Just in case you were wondering, today (23/09/17) is the vernal equinox: a brief period of Earth element centering and equilibrium – day & night in balance – facilitating our transition from Water to Wood, helping us to transform the downward, grounding energy of Winter into the expansive outreach of Spring.
I’ve been doing a bit of gardening recently and I’m feeling fairly literal so I would like to suggest what seems to be the perfect yoga pose for this moment: Vrikshasana, the Tree pose. Solid grounding through the supporting leg & foot combined with centering strength through the pelvic floor and core provides the perfect platform for upward & outward expansion of the upper body. Please note, by upper body I don’t just mean the limbs. Expansion of the heart and mind is at least equally important. All you need to do is breathe!!!
And maybe follow the excellent instructions that you can find here: http://www.yogabasics.com/asana/tree/

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