Coming out of Winter (Bladder/Kidney) but not quite Spring (Gall Bladder/ Liver), we find ourselves in the “between the seasons” Earth Element (Spleen/Stomach) zone. The Plough Pose provides scope to multitask and satisfy all three facets of this transitional time.
The Plough is, of course, an exceptional Bladder meridian stretch. Be mindful, however, of the simultaneous compression through the front body – from the throat right down the Stomach meridian to the front of the ankles and top of the foot – assuming that your feet are flexed as per the pic. Strong exhalations with contraction through the pelvic floor and abdomen will enhance this while stimulating blood flow to all the abdominal organs. A twisting variation will bring the Liver meridian into play: (1) walk your feet gently around in an arc to your right, as far as you can go without destabilizing your shoulders; (2) stay there for 5 – 10 breaths, using the contractive exhalation to increase the abdominal torsion; (3) gently bring yourself back to the centre and then repeat on the other side. Time permitting, you could follow up your Plough with a Fish pose – to really open the Stomach – and some twists.
Whatever time &/or space you have, the principle remains the same – front body, back body followed by a twist or rotation of some sort. It could be as simple as an at-your-desk ankle or wrist work-out. A little bit of focus and awareness lets you maximize on the smallest of things.

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