Spring eating is pretty simple really – go for green, go for sour, watch the oils. The first thing that comes to mind is fresh leafy stuff. You do, however, need more than just leaves in your lunchbox. Sprouts of the more serious mung bean, chickpea and lentil variety are an excellent start. And / or add in some lightly blanched “non-leafies” like broccoli, zucchini or fennel. Need more substance? Go ahead: use that little tin of tuna or that left over sautéed chicken.
Without shifting your basic ingredients too much, a different line of lunch box possibilities opens up when you consider seaweeds as a leafy green. “Aha”, I hear you say, “nori rolls”. Brown rice is better than white and bear in mind that the shop versions often have sugar in them. (Besides, they are remarkably easy to make and, if you wrap them in plastic and fridge them immediately, will keep well for a couple of days.)
Green is the colour, but sour is the taste of Spring. Whether a salad dressing or a dipping sauce, this is the make or break detail of the working day lunch. Olive & sesame oil give great flavour – particularly if you go for the toasted sesame – and both combine beautifully with lemon/lime juice or apple cider vinegar. For a bit more substance, try a tahini, lime and tamari combination. Alternatively, fresh feta cheese whipped with some olive oil and lemon juice. Another easy idea – avocado mashed with olive oil and cider vinegar. Take note, with the exception of the avocado option (which will enjoy being in the sour stuff for a few hours only), these sauces will hold up in the fridge for quite a few days. This provides further scope for advance planning and time saving as you rush out the door in the morning.
Now, nobody likes a soggy salad or a gooey mess through the lunchbox (or worse). It is important, therefore, to not let the logistics of the dressing become an obstacle to your lunchtime enjoyment. It might be as simple as an appropriately sized jar with a good lid that you tuck into the corner of your lunchbox. On the other hand, you might prefer to have a multi-box or a compartmentalized leak proof number – like the green frog pictured. (Yes, this is a lunch box! And I think it is leak-proof!) Having recently looked at lunch boxes, I can tell there is a vast range of choice and, by extension, no real excuse for not getting yourself sorted and able to take full pleasure in your green lunch – in a box (of some description).

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