Bitter (Fire) sweet (Earth) is the combined flavor sensation for this transitional time. One of my favourites bitter/sweet combinations is mango &/or peach, rocket and walnut salad. It’s also incredibly easy to make.
(1) In an appropriate bowl, whip up a balsamic vinegar & olive oil dressing (with a bit of pepper if you like that sort of thing);
(2) Dice or slice up the mango/peach in whatever way seems best to you and put it in the dressing to soak for a bit;
(3) Tear up the rocket (or not if you have baby leaves), give it a wash and a spin (the older the rocket, the more bitter it is) then put it in the bowl with the fruit and turn it all around in the dressing;
(2) Dry roast the slightly broken up walnuts in a heavy fry pan – then casually toss them onto the top of the bowl.
For those who really love the bitter flavour, add in a bit of shredded radicchio.

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