The colder weather has really made itself felt this last month or so – provoking that “hunker down and hibernate” response. And we all know from experience that it is probably going to get colder before it gets particularly warmer. Now, counter-intuitive as it may seem, outdoors is where it’s at for Winter exercise. Fresh air is a must have all year round but, precisely because we tend to gravitate towards warm cosy interiors in the cold months, it is more important to make a regular effort to get out and move in the fresh air – as distinct from air that is heated, re-cycled, chlorinated, (possibly) sweaty, CO2 laden … or otherwise previously used, treated or stale.
Personally, I’m a big fan of walking. I like to go barefoot which (amongst many other benefits) is surprisingly good for warming up the feet and the ankles and building your Kidney & Bladder (i.e. Winter) energy. However, I appreciate that this level of exposure isn’t for everybody. Mostly I like walking because it costs you nothing, you need no equipment, you can vary your pace (i.e. throw in a bit of light running here and there), really exercise your breathing and all while have time to appreciate how lucky you are to live in this fantastic part of the world.
I will give you a tip: breathing both in and out through the nose will not only get your body warmer faster but clear out your sinuses. (Don’t forget to take a tissue – or 3.)

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