To continue … waxing lyrical on the theme of WALKING … let’s get anatomical. Did you know that relaxed walking is great for PSOAS RELEASE & TONIFICATION.
The psoas runs from the top of the long leg bones to the upper lumbar spine – close to the kidneys and adrenal glands. It connects our motor system to our nervous system. Some people describe it as “A” core muscle, others as “THE” core muscle. Most 21st century western adults (who sit too much) have overly tight psoas muscles. This tightness – as many of you may be aware – pushes us in the direction of poor posture, interrupted energy flow and overall discomfort: tight hips, sore lumbar spine, rounded upper back and stiff neck.
SOMETHING YOU MAY NOT REALISE is that the contracted psoas – connected as it is to our adrenal zone – is also part and parcel of our adrenal flight or fight response – we are either getting ready to run or protecting our vulnerable abdomen from injury. It is a state of body to do with fear, anxiety and stress. This is really not a state that anyone wants to be in on a permanent basis and walking is so very easy.
The benefits are further enhanced if you think tall, relax your shoulders, settle into some lower belly breathing and send your awareness down into the soles of the feet as you move along. Connect with the ENERGY OF WINTER which is downward and grounding.
Of course, you could come in for a WINTER SHIATSU!! Shiatsu is pretty great for releasing the psoas. In between times however, with or without shoes, take yourself for a walk.

I look forward to seeing you soon, on the mat.

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