Spring ENERGY, the energy of the Wood Element, is indiscriminately and irrepressibly expansive. The drive for life is very strong in Spring, and new life seeks air, light and new space to inhabit.

The GREEN SEASON can be a time of turbulence, of strong winds and sudden downpours that throw a spanner in the planning works. This can easily become very frustrating. Nonetheless, the SPIRIT of purpose, peace and harmony in the world permeates the season of the WOOD ELEMENT. Life goes on and flexibility can be paramount.

Traditional Oriental Medicine KEYWORDS for Spring




The LIVER (Liv) and GALL BLADDER (GB) meridians are the Yin and the Yang of Spring. They govern our capacity for vision and planning. This is the best time of year to establish a new vision and purpose for yourself and to create an achievable plan to get you there.

Vision and purpose require clarity. Let the wind blow away the old clutter and make space – internal and external. This space is then available for strong, appropriate and possibly quite new ideas and trajectories … Spring cleaning (in all its forms).


These meridians also govern our capacity to be flexible. “Stick to the plan with eyes on the prize” may be a great mantra for a sports match but life is more complicated. You need to be flexible – in body, mind and spirit. Only then can you bend and twist with the wind of unforeseen circumstances. Anger and frustration, emotions associated with Spring meridian imbalance, will not help you.

NOTE also that the Spring / Wood meridians are responsible for the free flow of KI energy through the system.

Patience, purpose and flexibility (with eyes, mind and heart open) will show you a way to move towards your vision – with perhaps an improved plan. Alternatively, you may discover a new way of looking at the obstacle. You may even start to appreciate it as being, in fact, an opportunity … a gift.

Look and you will see.
Look further and be inspired to extend your b


Time for a new VISION?

Time for a new sense of PURPOSE?

Time to get ORGANISED with a new PLAN?

Welcome to this recently updated Spring Resources QUICK LINKS – previously a mere “post” and now a “page” – designed to help you with your Green Recovery from what has been, for many of us, a very difficult Winter.

In spite of the constraints that we have all been living with, I invite you to make the most of the beautiful, expansive volatility of Spring. Please profit from any and all opportunities to take charge of your well-being. Dig deep, breathe big, twist, bend, stretch and look around with your imagination as well as your eyes. Allow yourself to be inspired by the exciting new beginnings that are inevitably taking place.

My website is at your disposal

My website is your resource and it’s growing all the time. You will find posts on food, exercise, useful acupressure points, indulgent body treats, the 5 seasons of the oriental medicine calendar (and more). You can browse and explore as you will.
Alternatively, try these Quick Links designed to put you in touch with the right stuff for where you are at right now – SPRING!

Breathe into the Green Season: Vision & Purpose to Expand your World


Spring is when you get to move away from the long, slow cooking of Winter and shift into fresher, lighter types of meals. It’s also an exceptionally good time to go on a bit of a cleansing diet

Foods that are specifically good for Spring include:

  • all the leafy green vegetables you can get your hands on (& other green veg as well … peas, snow peas, beans, etc) … whether you cook them in a soup or stir fry or start getting into salads,
  • sprouts of all sorts – but mung and soy bean sprouts probably have a higher nutrient profile than others,
  • naturally sour foods such as lemon/lime juice and quality vinegars – although the strong sour foods (like some dairy products) should be taken in moderation,
  • rye and oats.

More specifically again, have a look at these Spring eating ideas and keep your eyes open for some new ones on the website as Spring 2021 takes off.


Generally speaking, any activity that twists the body as a whole or rotates the joints will benefit the Liver meridian. The Liver governs the ligaments and tendons: the connective tissue that holds the muscles and bones together. They are highly effective in stabilizing the skeleton and allowing movement: just as the Liver meridian is chiefly responsible for the flow of energy in the system as a whole.

Similarly, anything that involves working the sides of the body (e.g. lateral bends, side planks) will support the Gall Bladder meridian. The GB, the master of planning and organizing, is the structural Yang meridian for the sides of the body – down which it runs.

Having got the general principles, here are some particular exercises you might like to try:


The Liver meridian also governs the tendons in the eyes – and the eyes more generally. Hence the important role of “Vision” in the Spring / Wood element sphere.


Show some love to your Yin meridians – Liver included – via the easily accessible Triple Yin Point on the lower inside leg. The Spleen, Kidney and Liver meridians all pass through this Point. This makes it particularly useful for the Winter > Spring transition.

Release stagnation and turbo charge the flow of KI through your system with The Energy Shifter [Liver 3].

One last tip for health and well-being in the GREEN WINDY SEASON

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