1. How will it feel to receive a Shiatsu?
The most common immediate response is that of very deep relaxation & calm. Receivers of Zen Shiatsu usually slip into a “doze zone”, some fall asleep. Shiatsu also provides a strong sense of being “looked after”, of being “held” and supported by the therapist and by the process of the treatment.
2. What might I expect to feel after a Shiatsu treatment?
Most people find themselves very relaxed and comfortable, clearer and more energised. Usually they sleep very soundly the following night. Treatments can, however, release deeply held (possibly unacknowledged) sensations ranging from simple fatigue to more complex emotional expressions – all of which are well within the normal. It is a good idea, in all cases, to keep yourself well hydrated and rested as you process your responses and eliminate any released toxins.
3. How many treatments will I need and how regularly will I need to come in?
A follow up treatment is always strongly recommended. Beyond that, each client has different treatment needs. Some I see weekly, others monthly or seasonally – other returning clients may come in twice a year. The cost of treatment goes down the more regular the appointments.
4. What if I need to cancel?
Kindly give at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel and I recommend re-scheduling your appointment. Late cancellations with no re-schedule will incur a Cancellation Fee (50% of the appointment fee). Thank you for your understanding on this issue.
5. Is Shiatsu OK for the elderly, the disabled or for children?
Yes. Shiatsu is safe and effective for people of all ages and most health conditions. Each treatment is adapted to the individual and their circumstances. If you are unsure, please contact me to talk it over.
6. Are there any times / circumstances when Shiatsu should be avoided?
I generally suggest that you should postpone treatment if you: have some sort of infectious disease or are suffering from an acute, feverish illness; have an acute problem for which you have not seen a doctor; are in the first trimester of pregnancy and have never received Shiatsu before, or; are in the early stages of recovering from a major operation.
7. What is the “ZEN” in Zen Shiatsu?
Shiatsu generally is a Japanese development of the meridian and acupressure based massage of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and remains firmly within the Yin/Yang and Five Element Theory framework of TCM. Zen Shiatsu specifically uses: (1) individual diagnosis using the concepts of kyo (lack) and jitsu (excess); (2) a two-handed technique, and; (3) the extended meridian system developed by Master Shizuto Masunaga.
8. Will I be able to get a rebate from my health fund?
As of April 1st 2019, most private health funds no longer offer rebates for Shiatsu. Please contact your fund for details of whether you can claim against Shiatsu expenses in the context of any incentives / health maintenance program that they may offer. I am a registered, accredited, professional therapist and should be able to provide you with an appropriate invoice should this be the case.