In private practice, I spend 75 – 90 minutes on a client. Yet, in the corporate environment, my treatments are set at 25 minutes.
So, how does this work? Why 25 minutes? Is it really a Shiatsu?

My 25 minute Shiatsu treatments are structured around defined areas of the body: upper back; head, neck & shoulders; the spine; abdomen, hips and lower back. This allows me to accommodate and adapt to the expressed issues of the client, your employee – which may be as simple as localized tension or overall fatigue or as delicate as a pending headache. At the same time, each treatment area provides access to all 12 principle meridians which run through the entire body – with specific points and zones of reflection and correspondence. In this way, with appropriate focus and quality of touch, localized treatments resonate throughout the body/mind system and impact on the entire person.
By contrast, in private sessions I diagnose the individual client and progressively address the imbalances and blockages of their meridian system with a full body treatment. As part of this longer, more complex process, I also respond to the client’s expressed needs.

25 minutes – hands on – gives me enough time to provide something of real, lasting value to your employees. I can respond to their expressed needs, while also delivering deep relaxation via sedation of the sympathetic nervous system and facilitating a positive shift in their whole-of-body energy flow. This makes it a Shiatsu, and not just a massage where I push acupressure buttons.

These things take a little time. It can also take time for the receiver to switch off from work and fully “accept” the Shiatsu – particularly the first time they lie down for one. Hence the desirability of treating in a dedicated space and not at the desk and 25 minutes is long enough to justify having your employees move from their desk without taking too much time out of their working day. Add 5 minutes for turnover and the resultant 30 minute appointment slot allows for an easy to remember, transparent structure to the block booking.

As a committed Shiatsu therapist, it took a while for me to be satisfied that I could genuinely deliver Shiatsu in the corporate environment where the luxury of a 75 minute treatment time is not likely to be found. The 25 minute treatment however represents a truly well-balanced compromise between the quality and depth of touch required by the Shiatsu modality and the time based performance demands of a busy workplace.

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