There is always a new way to practice patience.

We all thought that Summer had arrived! No, not quite … Here we are – still in transition with flooding inundations and erratic temperature patterns. Patience, patience, patience. You remember patience, that Liver meridian quality about which we hear so much. Perhaps it’s time to work on it – just a little bit to get you through the tail (no pun intended) end of Spring.

This cat (see above) is here to show you one of the easiest Spring-time yoga stretches for developing patience. You too could be like this cat! Who wouldn’t want to be that chilled heading into the hectic pre-holiday phase of the year?

No further explanation is really needed. However …

Yoging beyond the cat.

Should you wish to work a little harder on this yoga pose, you might try:

  • Clasping your two front paws together then turning the palms down and away from you. This way, you rotate through the shoulder joints and get a stretch down the inside front legs to the ring claws;
  • Flexing your lower paws (interlacing the fingers) and rotating both paws and legs outward a little. You should feel a stretch along the large tendon in the groin as you do exactly what the cat suggests.

Please note the feline instruction to “slowly slide …” (remembering to breathe out gently as you go). Rushing and patience are mutually exclusive after all. You will have many opportunities to rush later in the month: All the more reason to develop calm and patience while you can.

Should you wish to investigate other Spring-appropriate yoga altogether, have a look HERE.

Transitional eating

Springtime greens are still the go for this in-between time. Nonetheless, it is a good moment to introduce a slightly bitter flavor to those salads. This will help to dry any lingering damp in your system and lift your digestive fire. I’m thinking rocket, endive, water cress, perhaps some radicchio. Bitter is the flavor of Summer and now is the time to get into it. But don’t try and feed it to your cat.

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