Holidays, Winter Shiatsu, new rates & other housekeeping

This is a picture of a place in Montenegro where I am not spending my holidays – the holidays when I will not be giving Shiatsu at the new rates, old rates or any rates. However, for a full week (+ some days) of my holidays I will be able to look at this island monastery from the house where I will be staying. I am certainly looking forward to that!


I am going away on July 10 for a month.That leaves four weeks available for those of you who would like to (1) get their Winter Shiatsu in a little early, &/or (2) re-establish themselves as a Current Client.

Current Clients are those of you that I have seen within the last 18 months. The full details regarding Casual, Current, non-Current Clients … and my new rates … and various rates benefits are in my recent Housekeeping e-News. If you missed it, for some reason, just let me know and I can re-send.

PLEASE NOTE there has been a slight change to my scheduled clinic days before I go away:

Mondays, every week (8am – 8pm)

Weekend Clinic, Sat/Sun June 23/24 (10am – 5pm)

Sunday July 8 (10am – 5pm)

Outside of schedule, for those of you who would like to come in and lie down but can’t do a scheduled day, it is currently possible for me to have clinic space on some Tuesdays. So please get in touch and we can see what is do-able


Should you wish to contact me I recommend that you use email.


My first clinic day will be on Monday August 13, followed by a Weekend Clinic on August 18/19. Things then go back to normal.
In booking your late Winter Shiatsu, please bear in mind that the new rates for Current Clients come in on September 1.

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