Bitter is better at this time of year. This is when you get to consume your coffee black and your chocolate dark (80% or more). So be as liberal as you like with the rocket, endive, cress, kale, dandelion, nettle, dill and any other bitter greens that you may find in your fridge / F & V shop / supermarket. Remember that these foods will aid digestion, lift your energy and promote natural cleansing.
Bitter melon/gourd (pictured) is considered the most bitter among fruits and vegetables – which makes it a great summer food. It also has a rather fascinating, sci-fi look about it and might provoke some interesting table talk at your next dinner party! Add some to your green juice, use it in a stir fry or stuff and bake it. Along with the usual qualities of bitter foods, this melon is deemed to have strong medicinal qualities. Principally, it has been known to reduce blood sugar levels, so be careful if you are already taking BSL lowering medication.

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